Top Concrete Projects that you Can Do Yourself

 Concrete projects are a great way to pass the time. However, there should still be enough to consider that you make sure that everything is safe. Concrete can be dangerous if you don’t handle it properly. For bigger projects like construction of a house making sure to get a concrete contractor Nampa might be safer for you to do.  

However, for smaller projects that are only for fun, you can definitely do those projects yourself. In this article, you will be given suggestions on what are some of the concrete projects that you can do yourself.  

If you are a beginner you can pace yourself as you go. It would be totally awesome for you to do and it is something that would create a feeling of satisfaction in you. There are tons of projects that you can choose from that would be easier for you to deal with.  


You can create door knobs for yourself in any shape and size that you like. There are ways for you to create this and with the right mold you can do the door knobs that you like. You can do geometrical shapes, common shapes or anything that you like.  

       2. PAPER WEIGHT  

This one is an easy thing to make and in all the colors that you like. You can have a paper weight that would totally be cool. You can use it outside or inside, depending on how you want to go about it. You can choose the right cement for you and you can also pick out the mold that you like to have.  


Cement planters are a great idea too. You can use any mold that you have in your things. You must also remember that you can even use your own hands if you have a way to make a mold out of it. This could be a funky addition to your home and depending on your style and preferences could soften a bold room or add charm to an otherwise soft home.  


You can grab some legs for a table or a stool and create your own furniture. It would be a cute addition and you don’t have to worry over it being caught in the wind. It’s easy just grab your legs and a bucket and your favorite cement.  

Pour your cement in a smooth bucket and make sure to stick the legs inside. You need to remember that you have to hold those things steady. When the concrete dries you can paint the legs or leave it as is.  

       5. CANDLE HOLDERS  

If you like candles in the house you know the hazards that come with it. You need to be careful with the fire or it can become a problem pretty fast. Just like the previous concrete projects you can use different molds to make a holder. You can use empty yogurt cups or pour it over a balloon to make a pretty dragon egg vibe.  

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